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Magazine Helicopter Industry #102

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HELICOPTER INDUSTRY I EDITORIAL I ARNAUD DEVRIENDT I DIRECTEUR DE LA PUBLICATION Professionals in the broad sector of the aviation industry, and a large segment of the public around the world, will have witnessed something new in the last five months. With eyes turned to the Wuhan region of China, everyone has seen the speed at which the Covid-19 outbreak has spread. In the case of this epidemic, it is clear that global air transport has been one of the vectors of the spreading, albeit in spite of it. The thousands of aircraft grounded at the height of the health storm will long be remembered as evidence of the scale of this disaster. Once governments realized the nature of the problem, and built infrastructures to grapple with the magnitude of issues, aviation took on a completely different role. Through the repatriation of nationals, surprised by the crisis and far from home; and, the airlifts thrown in between continents to supply urgently needed medical equipment to Western countries - starting with protective masks from China, to the emergency medical equipment - the wings of rescue planes crisscrossed the skies on many routes across the globe. More locally, and unsurprisingly, it was time for the helicopter to join the dance. But this time, the challenge was different: first in Europe, then North America; the overcrowding of healthcare institutions required the transport of patients to hospital units that were better equipped to treat them. It was impossible, however, to assign all medical helicopters to this mission, because while the coronavirus was gripping the world, «normal» medical transport had to be maintained, outside of the viral tidal wave. And for this reason, military aircraft were called to provide support wherever needed. Once again, the rotary wing aerodyne has demonstrated its virtues. The personnel responsible for its implementation, from the manufacturers’ design offices (consulted by operators who had to adapt new medical equipment to their machines), to the crews and medical professionals called upon to be placed at the front line; all have provided further proof of the helicopter’s extraordinary usefulness. We invite you to discover our website Retrouvez l’ensemble de nos informations sur le site HI I 2

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