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Magazine Helicopter Industry #102

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HELICOPTER INDUSTRY I NEW TECHNOLOGIES I MODESTY AND AMBITION Once configured, Ingenuity will have to make several flights of two to three minutes each, rising a few meters from the Martian surface. The aircraft could then travel several hundred meters each time. NASA’s ambition is to carry out five flights over a total period of 30 days. These figures are as modest as they are ambitious: Ingenuity will venture into « terra incognita » and could pave the way, if successful, for more efficient air vehicles. After all, many of the planets being explored by probes have atmospheres that could be used by flying machines. NASA is already talking about future plans for a multi-kilogram aircraft capable of communicating directly with a space probe, in order to move it and transmit its observations. Complete and increase the Earth’s displacement capacities to increase speed, autonomy and observation capacity are undoubtedly some of the logical evolutions in the conquest of space. Today, Ingenuity is only scratching the surface of the capabilities that will be brought by a new breed of extraterrestrial helicopters. It’s a great adventure that’s just beginning! MORE ABOUT NASA HI I 54

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